Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pesta Buku Antarabangsa 2010-Monday 22st - Friday 26th

Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair

Organised by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia through the National Book Council (MBKM), together with the Malaysian Book Industry Council that comprises of the major players of the local book industry, KLIBF is definitely of the major events in the global publishing calendar. Now in its 29th year, KLIBF provides a networking opportunity to meet with the local and international publishing community.

Over 1 million visitors attend the KLIBF every year. It is the perfect place for book lovers to get the latest books and promotions from publishers around the region. Book launches, seminars, conventions, and lots of other activities are in place to suit all levels of the reading community.

What's new in KLIBF 2010

For KLIBF 2010, several firsts are introduced. The first Guest of Honour was unanimously awarded to the state of Melaka.

Another first is the establishment of a "Trade Fair" section, specially dedicated for local and foreign trade exhibitors and visitors to encourage exchanging of publishing and distribution rights for the benefit of the local book industry players.

The "Trade Fair" will be held at the Tun Razak Hall 2 (across the river) during the 5 working days of KLIBF (Monday 22st - Friday 26th). Opening hours are from 10.00am to 7.00pm. Only trade visitors are allowed access to the trade area.

KLIBF 2009 Facts & Figures

Categories of books:

General titles, Philosophy & Psychology, Religion, Social Sciences,

Languages, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Technology, Art,

Literature, Geography & History


124 local publishers

29 foreign publishers

36 local government agencies

3 foreign government agencies


Australia, Brunei, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Laos, Philippines, Turkey, UK, USA, Vietnam

No. of Booths: 665

No. of Visitors: 1.5 million visitors

Past Visitors' Record:

KLIBF 2006 - 700,000 visitors

KLIBF 2007 - 1,000,000 visitors

KLIBF 2008 - 2,200,000 visitors


Wan Anie said...

Bila dan di mana yer Mas?

Masayu Ahmad said...

Tarikh: 22 hingga 26 Mac 2010

Tempat: PWTC

saya akan umumkan juga di sini nanti

Wan Anie said...

oo.. tempat tu dah agak dah...

lambat lagi.. leh kumpul duit dulu nak beli buku2 idaman hati :D

Masayu Ahmad said...

tak lambat dah wan..

lebih kurang 10 minggu je lagi

bulan 1 dah nak habis

tinggal lagi bulan feb, lepas tu dah mac

patutnya bulan april, tetapi dipercepatkan

kalau tak nak sesak,jgn pergi hari minggu (kesesakan luar biasa akan berlaku)

buku memang murah2 wan,, boleh buat stok setahun dan tak payah beli buku lagi.;D (belanja berhemah)

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