Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Dreams, Big Successes

The following is a list of individuals, some you may certainly recognize, who started out with a few dollars, a big dream, and a burning desire to blaze their own trails:

Micheal Dell:

At the age 12, Micheal Dell was already an entrepreneur selling thousands of dollars of mail order stamps from his parents’ home. As a senior in high school, Dell made $18,000 selling newspaper subscriptions to newlyweds. Against his parents’ wishes he dropped out of college at 19 to sell computers. Now in his 30s, Micheal Dell is a billionaire and his company, Dell Computers, is a top Fortune 500 company with sales in exess of $31 billion dollars.

Martha Stewart:

Martha Stewart’s love for cooking and entertaining was so strong that while living in a 19th century farmhouse in upscale bedroom community of Westport, Connecticut, she started a catering business. Her life has been in fast forward ever since. On October 19, 1999, Martha Stewart took her company public anda became a billionaire.

The Martha Stewart Living Omni-media, Inc.empire includes 4 magazines: over 50 books on cooking, entertaining, crafts, and decorating: a cable television show, a syndicated column: a radio show: an Internet site:mail order catalogs: and over$763 million in annual sales for home decorating and furnishing. Though she has recently taken a beating in the public eye, Martha seems to be a survivor.

Jeff Bezos:

In 1994, Jeff Bezos quit a successful career and jumped into the Chevy Blazer with his wife and dig. Bezos wasn’t exactly sure where he was going but figured he would know when he got there.

Bezos believed that selling products on the internet could be very successful and kept a list of products he wanted to sell online. When the couple landed in Seattle, Washington, they decided to stay.

They rented a tiny house, and with very little money to spare, converted the garage into a warehouse for books. Today, is the world’s largest bookstore. Bezos, now worth ove $10 billion dollars, has been coined the “king of cyber commerce.”

Margaret Rudkin:

In 1937, Margaret began baking and selling a variety of fresh breads from her home. Thirty years later, her little bread business, better known as Pepperidge Farms, was enjoying sales in excess of $32 million when she sold it to the Campbell Soup Company.

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