Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why rent books?

Roughly 80% of the books sold in Malaysia are foreign, imported books hence the high price of reading materials in the country. The average cost of a paperback novel is around RM30. In a country where you can get a nasi lemak ayam with teh O ais for RM6, buying one novel would cost Malaysians an equivalent of five decent meals!

The government has been very supportive in getting Malaysians to read more by providing a RM1000 tax exemption for reading materials. But is it enough to compensate our reading expenditures? Say you’re into the management or self-help books which cost on average about RM50. With RM1000 a year, you could only get 20 books. Renting helps you stretch your reading budget. So instead of 20, you could enjoy up to 100 books by renting compared to buying them.

Renting books would clear up homes from unwanted reading materials. If only we get RM1 for every time people come up to us and say, “I have soooo many books at home that I don’t know what to do with them!”. Moreover, used books don’t have much value and they mostly would be bought as papers to recycle. We’re sure you’re picturing your RM30 being shredded to pieces with that information, right?

Online book rentals are perfect for:

Low-middle age women

With the increasing number of chic-lits available today, more women choose to read in their leisure time. But as with any pop-novels, chic-lit books are normally read once making them an unsuitable reading investment.

Educated/active retirees

Reading is a great way for senior citizens to keep their mind active. But most cannot afford to spend their retirement fund on expensive books.

Home-bound individuals

Not only can this service help people with special needs to “see the world”, reading has also been proven to be the most suitable entertainment for mothers home-bound during confinement. The activity does not need much movement nor make any noise that would disturb babies from nursing.

Busy Executives

Nowadays, it’s normal for working adults to reach home by 8p.m. They are too busy to even eat with their families, let alone go to the libraries or bookstores. But to get ahead in their careers, they need to equip themselves with the latest knowledge in their industry which can be done by reading.

Frequent Commuters

Say, you’re staying in Bangi. But you’re working in KLCC. That’s about 45minutes of train ride, one way. 1.5 hours of commute everyday. 7.5 hours a week. 30 hours a month. 360 hours a year! Get yourself into the habit of reading and all those hours won’t be wasted away.

Teenagers & Students

So many good books to read, so little cash to spend… Haven’t we all been there?

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